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Our Services

Our Services


The Basics

Let our Dedicated Case Managers assist you in organizing your complex litigation matters.

  • We’ll arrange for top-notch court reporters both locally and nationally.
  • Assist you with scheduling.
  • Organize and maintain transcripts and exhibits, both paper and electronic.
  • The world is getting smaller all the time – Why not take your next out-of-state deposition via Zoom videoconferencing?
  • We can simplify your bookkeeping by organizing your invoices by the case.

Certified Court Reporters

We’re the ones to call whether you need a court reporter for your next deposition, law and motion hearing, or trial.

Our reporters are simply best in class. In addition to local certifications, many also hold the titles of RPR, RMR and CRR. They’re able to provide you with real-time translation so that you can view the testimony as it’s taken or to give you a rough draft of the transcript later in the day.


Our professional videographers use only broadcast quality cameras and microphones; so you can count on consistently clear images and crisp, clean sound.

Video Synchronization – While listening and watching the video on your computer screen, each line in the transcript is manually stamped with a code and is accordingly synchronized to the transcript. Once the synchronization is complete, the transcript and encrypted video file is exported.


We work with certified interpreters in all languages. Whether you need an interpreter for your deposition or for a written translation, you will find our interpreters to be accurate, professional and courteous.

Litigation Support

Rough Draft ASCII or PDF – A rough draft ASCII or PDF is an unedited, uncertified transcript of the proceedings for your immediate reference to testimony. This can either be provided to you at the end of the deposition or e-mailed to you shortly after you complete your deposition.

Real-Time Reporting – This enables you to connect to the court reporter during a deposition and receive “live” text. The transcript text appears on your screen seconds after the testimony is given.

Electronic transcript – These can be provided to you in several formats, including PTX, ASCII, and PDF.

Conference Rooms

Deposition Suites – We have conference rooms available for your use in Downtown Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, Santa Monica, and Westwood.

We also schedule deposition suites and provide court reporters for you anywhere in the world.


Emergency copies of depositions are easily available upon request via e-mail, hand delivery or overnight delivery. Should you prefer, we will also store your encrypted transcripts on the web.

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